EPISODE 19 of 20
(a k a Unknown Heroes/ Nameless Heroes)

1h 28min
Presumed date of production: late 1980s
Series broadcast on DPRK television

Screenplay by Lee Jin-woo
Directed by Ryu Ho-son and Ko Hak-lim
A Chosun Art Film Production,
Winner of the Kim Il-sung Medal

Yu-rim: Kim Ryong-lin
Soon-hee: the famous Kim Jung-hwa
Park-mu: the famous Jung Woon-mo
Claus: Son Dae-won
Martin: Yun Chan
Janet: Shu Ok-soon
Lee Jin-yong: Kim Yun-hong
Shark: Kim Duk-sam
Wang Soong: Rho Jung-won
Knife: Kang Keum-bok
Seul-hwa: Park Sub
the famous Kim Chang-soo and Paik Kyung-a
Gwangju Biennale 2006

This North Korean movie is nearly 20 hours long. The plot, based loosely on both fictional and real characters and events, revolves around North Korean spy operations in Seoul during the Korean War. The film, which was obtained and analyzed in the 1990s by the U.S. Department of Defense / CIA, confirmed the presence of American military deserters living in North Korea. The role of Dr. Kelton, the mastermind of the Korean War, is played by the American defector, Charles "Super" Jenkins. In real life Jenkins is married to the formerly abducted Japanese citizen Hitomi Soga, both of whom upon an agreement between Japan and North Korea were permitted to return to Japan in 2002, where they now live.